Plaster Repair and Restoration

Is your plaster is in need of repair and renovating from water damage, home settlement, or other issues? With 4th generation plaster repair specialists on staff who use proven techniques and quality materials to provide you
with the best repair possible. We will save you money by fixing your problem the first time. Plaster patching can be done to bring your walls or ceilings back to their original beauty without interfering with the integrity of
the home. Plaster repair and restoration can be accomplished with structures that are losing their original plaster due to age, but you desire to keep your home true to the period in which it was built. Plaster Casting can
be done with any new or old form to keep the original charm of your home.

Plaster Restoration and Repair is a time-honored skill that requires expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our plaster repair specialists are well versed in traditional lime plaster and gypsum plaster.
We love working on historic properties. We have had the pleasure of restoring plaster at All Saints Church, Adel, Iowa; Hoyt Sherman Place, Des Moines, Iowa; Rollins Mansion, Des Moines, Iowa We will do our very best to protect your home or business from dust and debris while we are working. We plastic off all areas we are working on and cover nearby furniture in protective plastic. Drops and paper are applied on all floors from work area to entry to help keep everything clean in your home. We believe you have “invited” us into your home, and we will treat it
and protect your home as such.


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